Monday, 24 February 2014

One of Serious Problem on Facebook

Facebook is one of popular online social media that many people use to communicate, make friend and many more. This is also good media for business advertising or even run online business itself. Because of its popularity, there are many people try to make a profit from it, including those who use the illegal way. One of the common methods that they use is using facebook hacking software

What is Facebook Hacking Software?
The facebook hacking software is basically software that breaks all the limit and protection that has been placed by the Facebook Company to protect their member information and accessibility. This means, if someone uses this software on your Facebook account, they will be able to log in as you, the owner of that account. They also can read, stole and even change your account freely, and the worst case, they use your account to do the crime, while the person that will get the bad effect is you, as the owner of that account. Unfortunately, there are many people, website and even Facebook account that provide this software that all people can download for free. Therefore, this has become one of serious problem that Facebook have to face these days. The worst thing is they provide this software for free. So, we can say that any people who have ill intention, they are facilitated by these software providers. And, that’s not good for Facebook and people that use it.
Facebook Response
Facebook has included some of privacy protection that is stronger than before. This decision can make the Facebook user take a breath for a while. For example, now, you can choose your gender as well as the friend’s gender that you are looking for. This can limit how many people that can become your friend. And, if you combine the protection that Facebook provide with good internet security software, basically you don’t need to worry about facebook hacking software that many people use.